Urbans Lions

Urban Lions - dub band

Urban Lions are an eight piece band from England currently rising up through the underground UK roots and dub scene and out onto the world stage.

With the recent addition of a full horn section, Urban Lions have created a sound of their own, resonating a positive vibration by fusing styles old and new and pressing their own unmistakable stamp on our musical roots.

Starting life as the house band for U.K. Roots reggae pioneer ‘Donette Forte’, touring the UK and Europe, having headlined some of the most outstanding venues and festivals up and down this country and overseas, playing One Love, Boomtown, Illusive, The Reggae Garden and Irie Vibes Festivals, performing in venues such as Hootananny in Brixton and The Purple Turtle in Reading to The Picturedrome in Northampton, Urban Lions have carved their own groove on the circuit with a feisty fusion of bashment roots, dub, ska, dancehall, funk, balkan beat, skanking rhythms and conscious rhymes.

Phil Brady, the band’s lead singer and bass player tells us:

“Urban Lions were born on the UK roots scene. We started life as Donette Forte’s house band playing strictly roots reggae, mainly from Donette’s Jah Works catalogue. We had much fun touring the circuit over here and in Europe before stepping out to write our own dub jams. We became a creative collective and our music evolved into a fusion of styles focusing on our live performances and making tunes to make you move.”

“Our background is mainly roots and dub so you can hear this solid, bass heavy foundation in our style yet our jams go beyond that, we spread our wings musically, fusing reggae, dub, funk, dancehall, ska, cutting beats and conscious rhymes. Soundsystem culture plays a big part in what we do but we’re a live act so this comes across in our recordings.”

“We’re all buzzing how well we’ve been received so far. It seems like there’s an emerging scene evolving around us. We’re just playing what comes natural to us and people are loving our vibe. It’s positive, conscious music that makes people want to stand up and dance. It feels like we’re making the soundtrack to a cultural revolution, igniting flames of passion in the hearts of our fans, blazing up for the people and everyone’s invited to the party. We’re burning down Babylon with true vibration and kicking jams and just having a ball. There’s no better feeling than stood on stage at a festival in front of thousands of people that just want to get down to our music.”

Urban Lions have secured a record deal with Amsterdam based label ‘Earth Works Records’ and released their debut EP ‘Urban Lions In Amsterdam’, a live and direct six track offering. Urban Lions are currently back in the studio recording a series of singles with dubs to put out digitally and on vinyl and will be recording their debut album in the autumn.

This year is set to be a fruitful year for Urban Lions, recording and releasing new material,touring the festival and venue circuit and linking up with Woodland Records, Conscious Youth and more very special artist collaborations along the way.


Available for concerts, events and weddings. Contact David at Fougou Media for more details