Amira Kheir


Amira Keir

Hailed as the ‘Diva of the Sudanese desert’ (Journal du Mali) -Amira, a Sudanese-Italian singer, has been enchanting audiences around the world with a sound inspired by traditional music from her homeland Sudan and anchored in experimental Jazz and Soul. Drawing upon traditional Sudanese chants, vocal styles and rhythmic patterns coupled with the ability to sing in English, Arabic & Italian, Amira is a truly diverse vocalist with a captivating and powerful sound, whether performing her original music or reinterpreting old spirituals and jazz classics.

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Described by Songlines as ‘bold and poetic… beautiful and fearless”, Amira’s music is a courageous statement through which all these influences come to life. Within this soudscape, East African rhythms blend with North African ambience and Jazz improvisation, through hints of Afro-Latin grooves and Neo-Soul, emerging as a soulful explosion of colour and expression. Amira’s music possesses within it ancient musical traditions, yet is delivered with a contemporary vibrancy reflective of London’s multicultural music scene.


“Bold and poetic… beautiful and fearless” – Songlines

“A charming performer who’s captured her live sound well on this debut album” – The Independent

” A stunning set infused with many influences but anchored in the sounds and identity of her homeland Sudan” – Fly Global Music

“Amira Kheir sings from the heart and soul” – Inside World Music

“A real global fusion that soothes and makes you want to move” – Afrilove

“Une diva du désert est née!” – Journal du Mali

“An engaging presence with a lovely honey ‘n’ spice voice” ? fRoots

Amira Kheir and her band are available for performances from May 2017 onwards.  Contact David at Fougou Media for more details